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The Insurability and Operational Efficiency Challenge

What happens when an OT Cybersecurity Provider and Insurance Leader collaborate to protect businesses and ensure 24/7 operational resilience? You benefit from a unique Limited Performance Warranty that protects your business from lost performance in the event of a cyber attack.

“Cyber events in OT settings can result in physical damage, operational disruptions, and safety hazards. Improved preparedness, response, and recovery from disruptive events are critical for reducing OT risk, and this is where OTORIO excels."

John Riggs, HSB CTO & SVP Allied Technology Solutions, and President of Meshify.

Mitigate Cyber Risk for Operational Resilience

Unite IT-OT Risk Management and Insurance for Business Success

Get to grips with crucial insurability challenges in today's evolving interconnected landscape. Learn which risk reduction strategies you can implement to prevent operational and business disruptions, help improve insurability, and help reduce claims.

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HSB Limited Performance Warranty

You can now protect the value of OT equipment that deploys OTORIO’s OT Security Risk Management platform or has undergone an OTORIO spOT Risk Assessment and has been optimized as recommended. Customers with warrantied networks can make a claim for lost performance if they experience either of the following outcomes:

Cyber Events

If a customer suffers a cyber attack after implementing RAM² or following spOT assessment recommendations.

Network Damage

If a customer experiences damage to their operational network due to RAM² deployment or spOT assessment.