Cybersecurity for Electric Utilities

Safeguard Electric Power Systems From Evolving Cyber Threats

In today's evolving digital landscape, as electrification expands to meet demand, electric utilities digitize operations for improved service availability, reliability, sustainability, control, and safety. Significant new cybersecurity challenges are emerging due to the complex and interconnected nature of the industry. There is an urgent need to address cyber risk and align security with business objectives. OTORIO enables electric utility companies to confidently digitize processes without compromising safety, reliability, or efficiency.

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Utility industry visibility

Enhance security with comprehensive visibility

Identify vulnerabilities, security gaps and prioritize mitigation efforts effectively. OTORIO provides complete visibility and accuracy for your entire OT/ICS environment. From the site level down to level 0 assets, the platform provides automated asset inventory, comprehensive visibility, and assessments that enable accurate vulnerability management. 

Cyber security threats in electric utilities

Ensure grid reliability and resiliency

Meet the future needs of electric utility customers by proactively managing cybersecurity risks created by grid modernization. OTORIO enables impact-driven prioritization of the most critical risks in the smart grid environment, providing actionable prescriptive mitigation guidance tailored to electric utility's operational environments.

electric compliance assessments

Expedite compliance assessments

Efficiently assess security posture and compliance for assets or entire networks. OTORIO streamlines the Compliance Assessment Process for all transmission lines and substations and expedites evaluations without compromising quality and accuracy. OTORIO also supports industry security standards like NERC CIP, NIST 800-82, IEC 62443, and NIS2, providing compliance scores, deviation details, and remediation instructions, saving time and effort in generating assessment documentation.

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OTORIO OT Security Benefits for Electric Utilities

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