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CyberNews "Supply chain dependencies have extended an organization’s attack surface to its suppliers’"

Although an increasing number of enterprises is starting to take cyber security seriously and taking action to make sure their devices are safe, a lot still encounter difficulties when it comes to chossing the right solution for their industrial OT networks. The number of ransomware attacks and breaches these days is very high and trending upwards. This is why it's crucial for organizations to have operational security in place, particularly for critical infrastructure organisations.

In this interview Daniel Bren, the CEO and Co-founder of OTORIO -  an end-to-end OT cyber security company whose proactive digital risk mitigation solutions are deployed at enterprises worldwide to protect business continuity and ongoing operations - shares his advanced insights on this topic.

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12 Sep 2023
OTORIO Achieves ISO 27001 and IEC 62443-4-1 Certifications for Critical Infrastructure
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28 Jun 2023
OTORIO Transforms OT Security with Advanced Attack Graph Analysis
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15 May 2023
Vulnerabilities Jeopardize Users of Major Industrial Cellular Routers Cloud Management Platforms
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02 May 2023
OTORIO Secures US Patent for Innovative Operational Network Risk Mitigation System and Method
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