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Hosting Advice How Otorio Mitigates Cyber Risks and Detects Vulnerabilities To Secure OT/IT Networks and Servers

In the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturing and supply chain companies have shed their old ways of system management to meet the new technological standards and boost their competitive advantage. But with this change comes the risks that lurk in this new hyper-connected world.

Many supply chain and manufacturing companies have been hesitant to implement upgraded security measures for their new, updated systems. This has made them a target for exploitation. According to a study done by BlueVoyant, 93% of companies impacted by a direct cyber breach in their supply chain revealed it stemmed from weaknesses in their machine production system.

Cybersecurity and risk management have become invaluable to the protection of operational technology. Otorio, created by CEO Daniel Bren and CTO Yair Attar in 2018, simplifies cybersecurity for companies in the operations industry. It equips manufacturers with the tools to ensure operational continuity and agility.

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27 Apr 2022
AFRY and OTORIO: engineering, design, and OT security partnership
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27 Jul 2021
CYE Partners with OTORIO to Provide a Single-Pane Solution to Combat the Rise of Industrial Ransomware Attacks
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03 May 2021
"A cyberattack in an industrial system is already game over."
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10 Dec 2020
OTORIO Expands Presence in the North American Market
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