Maritime Cyber Security

Operational Continuity in the Maritime Sector

Maritime Cyber Security: Keeping Maritime Networks Safe and Secure

The maritime industry is changing. Automated processes are running navigation and propulsion systems, cargo handling, and container tracking systems. While there are many business advantages to introducing digital processes into your operational networks, you are also vulnerable to new cyber risks that come in their wake. We work with you to implement updated security technology to protect your vessels' emerging and ongoing maritime cyber threats. We help you assess possible vulnerabilities at various points in the transport chain. In addition to protecting your ships’ networks and other digital assets, we can train your crew members and increase their cyber-security awareness.  

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Maritime Cybersecurity

Ensuring business continuity

Cyber threats come in different shapes and sizes, onboard passengers, pirates, nation-state actors and unintentional accidents can exploit a network vulnerability, which could lead to data leaks, intellectual property loss, physical damage and more. OTORIO assesses your security posture and recommends best practices to improve it and keep your vessels afloat without disruptions.

cyber security in the maritime industry

The safety of passengers, personnel and equipment is a top priority

Automatic, maritime processes such as floatation and navigation systems can be exploited by external actors, which place passengers’ safety at risk. OTORIO's world-leading cyber experts are well-experienced defending mission-critical, cyber-physical systems. OTORIO provides end-to-end cyber risk management solutions, including proven measures for risk assessment, reduction, ongoing monitoring, and more.

maritime cybersecurity, cyber security in maritime industry

Real-world Security Posture Assessment

A network is only as strong as its weakest point, and it takes only one open attack path to hinder operations. As physical safety is at risk when it comes to maritime operations, companies must ensure that they are resilient not only in theory but also in action, tested by OT dedicated services.

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On Land or Water - Apply the Right Security Solution for Your Objectives

Maritime cybersecurity services such as risk assessments, penetration tests, and incident response help the maritime industry build resilience to attacks, while OT dedicated products ensure ongoing monitoring of day-to-day activity, providing you with suggestions of how to manage your risks.