Cyber Security for the Chemical Industry

Securing chemical production and digital networks

The chemical industry is involved in the production and distribution of hazardous materials. In today’s digitally-connected world, there are more and more threats placing manufacturing-related safety, business flow, and IP integrity at risk. Companies must adopt operational (OT) security solutions to monitor and regulate their activity. OTORIO's cyber experts assess your security posture and digital risks and provide concrete mitigation plans. Our tailored solutions enable our experts to empower your engineers to monitor your digital risks or we can do it for you. We use a proactive approach to help you build and increase your resistance against future attacks.

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Cyber security chemical industry

Ensuring business continuity

As your plants have more and more automated and connected processes in place, you need to make sure that your digital operations are intact in order for production to continue without disruptions. Continuous availability is a top priority in your industry and for us, as well. OTORIO's cyber experts continuously monitor your operational networks to assess and mitigate digital risks using a unique preventive approach.

Cyber risk management for chemical plant

Keeping your people and equipment safe from digital risks

When dealing with chemicals, safety needs to be a top priority. However, safety measures that worked in the past are no longer useful as this sector continues on its digital journey. New threats in the increasing attack surface have to be dealt with in the appropriate way. You need experts who have an intimate knowledge of your environment and its risks, who can assess your security posture as you continue in the Industry 4.0 direction.

Cyber attack chemical industry

Leveraging real-world security assessments

A network is only as strong as its weakest point, and it takes only one open attack path to hinder operations. Because physical safety is at risk when it comes to chemical production, companies must ensure that they are resilient not only in theory but also in action, tested by OT dedicated services.

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Apply the Right Digital Risk-management Solution

Services such as risk assessments, penetration tests, and incident response help the chemicals sector build their resilience to attacks, while OT dedicated products ensure ongoing monitoring of day-to-day activity, providing you with suggestions of how to manage their risks.