Pharmaceutical Cyber Security

Operational Continuity in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Keeping your Pharmaceutical labs and networks secure

The pharmaceutical industry has to maintain constant vigilance on quality, safety, and intellectual property.  Since this industry is adopting more digital solutions over time and the automation of their labs is increasing, companies must adopt operational (OT) security solutions to monitor and regulate their activity. Data theft and manipulation is not a matter of inconvenience in the pharmaceutical industry, it can be a matter of life and death. OTORIO works with you to protect the integrity and availability of your products, so you can keep your employees and your consumers safe.

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Pharmaceuticals cyber security

Ensuring accurate and continuous manufacturing

If a vulnerability is exploited by a hacker, pharma products can be easily discharged for the chance of placing consumers at risk. Drug safety must have a zero-tolerance for malicious or unintentional changes to the manufacturing process. OTORIO’s specialists help you ensure business continuity through comprehensive risk and security assessments, hands-on security testings, ongoing monitoring, as well as enforcement of industrial and organizational standards and regulations.

Cyber security in the Pharmaceutical industry

Making your labs and your products safe

The day-to-day work in this industry involves processing highly volatile chemicals that require the adherence to very specific temperatures and pressures. Accidental or malicious changes to these parameters could translate into physical danger to lab workers or cause catastrophic consequences to consumers. You must take the necessary precautions to make sure your production remains safe, efficient, and continuous.

Cyber protection in the pharmaceutical industry

Protecting your IP

Intellectual property is an important differentiator between manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies need to protect their "secret recipes" from theft or they could lose their competitive edge. In addition to financial and reputational implications, data theft can be used maliciously to manipulate operational processes. OTORIO's team helps you to keep your production data secure and your production lines running without interruptions.

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