OT Security for Manufacturing

Secure Your Manufacturing Operations with OTORIO's Tailored Risk Management Solutions

The manufacturing industry is adopting new technology & agile business models to enhance customer engagement & operational resilience. However, increased interconnectivity & data sharing increase the risk of cyber attack. Digital transformation is not limited to production but extends to connecting systems throughout the supply chain, transportation, and end-user consumption. The increased interconnectivity and data sharing between systems and networks, expands the attack surface for both manufacturers and consumers and increases risk.

Ensuring cyber security safety in dynamic manufacturing environments requires an enterprise wide approach to risk management. OTORIO's OT cyber risk management platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of the manufacturing sector, providing consolidated visibility of all operational assets, business impact-driven risk prioritization, and prescriptive mitigation steps.


manufacturing case study


Discover how a multinational Pulp and Paper manufacturer transformed their risk management approach to OT security, achieving 60% more effective security architecture and actionable insights and addressing industry challenges, global compliance, and proactive security to mitigate critical threats.

Manufacturing digitization

Enable Safe Digitization

OTORIO safeguards interconnected modern equipment and legacy systems while ensuring operational safety. Our platform provides centralized risk visibility across various business domains, including existing security controls, reducing noise and alert fatigue. 

automotive operations

Prevent Operational Disruption

Assess network segmentation ensures the safe operation of OT manufacturing systems, even if the IT system is compromised. Our access controls protect against unauthorized manipulation and empower OT security teams with prescriptive playbooks to prevent ransomware attacks.


Improve OT Security Outcomes

Automate OT Security operations with continuous monitoring of cross-domain data sources for potential breach so you can mitigate risk before you are attacked. OTORIOs tailored to network architecture has a direct positive impact on the manufacturing supply chain, process, transportation and the output consumed by the customers.

operational compliance

Compliance and Frameworks

Automate compliance auditing for ever-changing regulations and standards and empower security practitioners to proactively reduce risk while maintaining safety. We enable you to implement a risk-based approach to reduce the risk of exploitation of unpatched systems.

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