Pulp & Paper Cybersecurity & Risk Assessment

Keeping the digital pulp and paper networks secure with our risk assessment & management

Paper mills have improved the quality and quantity of their goods since they adopted more Industry 4.0 practices and automation. Along with business improvement came cyber risks. Pulp and paper companies must adopt operational (OT) security solutions to monitor and regulate their activity. We work with you to prevent malicious attacks and accidents. We help you keep your automation systems and data safe, so you can keep your employees and the environment safe and operational while you protect your IP.

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Pulp and Paper Cyber Security

Ensuring business flow along the long supply chain

The pulp and paper industry has a long and unique supply chain that can be compromised at different stages, from the logging process to wood processing, refinery, and distribution and for some chemical processing and energy production. If digital threat actors compromise your networks, you could lose data, damage the environment, or end up with a production line that is completely paralyzed for weeks. OTORIO works with you to assess your security posture and provide you with mitigation plans to up your game and keep your mills secure from cyber attacks.

Paper industry risk assessment

Safety first

Chippers, digesters, and dryers are powerful tools for pulp and paper production, but they can also be powerful weapons if they put in the wrong hands. When control systems are compromised by security breaches, your mills might be putting your employees’ safety at risk. OTORIO helps you take the necessary digital security precautions to make sure your production remains safe, efficient, and continuous.

pulp and paper industry digitalization

Prepare for any eventuality

In recent years industrial networks and control systems have encountered a growth in money-driven cyber-attacks (e.g. ransomware) but 'hacktivism' is still alive and kicking. Do not be caught blindsided - assess and mitigate your mill's cyber risks with OTORIO's industrial-native risk management solutions.

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Knowing the Cyber Risks Along the Supply Chain is a Must for Today's Pulp and Paper Industry

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