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RAM2 - IT/OT Cyber Security Platform for Continuous Monitoring & Management

Addressing Ransomware | Compliance | Visibility | Zero Trust

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RAM2 - IT/OT Cyber Security Platform for Continuous Monitoring & Management

Addressing Ransomware | Compliance | Visibility | Zero Trust

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Simplifying OT/IT Cyber Security

Simplifying OT/IT Cyber Security

RAM2 from OTORIO empowers industrial organizations and critical infrastructure operators to proactively reduce risks to their operational environments.

Featuring a unique, patent-pending IT/OT Cyber Security Digital Twin, RAM2 aggregates information from diverse operational and security systems to create a digital representation of the operational environment. Then, applying OTORIO’s powerful, non-intrusive breach and attack simulation engine, RAM2 enables organizations to quickly understand their security posture and proactively address vulnerabilities and exposures before they become breaches.

With unmatched asset discovery and inventory management capabilities RAM2 - allows security teams to better leverage their investment in existing technology and achieve faster ROI.

Reducing the Noise, Focusing on Meaningful Data

Continuously discovering, analyzing, and monitoring all OT, IT, and IIOT assets within the operational environment, RAM2 aggregates security events and digital risks from across the entire OT network. It then correlates the risks and alerts and prioritizes them based on their impact on operational and business continuity. In doing so, RAM2 significantly reduces SOC team alert fatigue – reducing thousands of security events into a manageable number of prioritized insights – helping security teams to focus only on the most relevant data.

Operational Continuity for Digitized Industrial Networks

Deep Asset Inventory

Asset Inventory - RAM2 automatically traverses multi-generational, multi-site production and supply-chain enviornments, discovering all the connected OT/IT/IoT assets, and mapping them to operational processes and monitoring changes in asset inventory.

Contextualized Risk Assessment

Determine the risks associated with each asset, shop, factory, supply line, and production site, painting an accurate picture of and prioritizing risks according to the value of the asset to the business process.

Network Segmentation Assessment

RAM2 identifies segmentation gaps, offering OT security teams intuitive and prioritized action items, and reducing the overall attack surface.

Identify Security Gaps

RAM2 automatically calculates the effectiveness of current cyber security controls while identifying and prioritizing security gaps according to the operational impact.


With RAM2, organizations can enforce a zero-trust policy to mandate that devices, services and individuals are continuously authenticated, authorized, and validated before they are given access to assets, applications, or data.

Prioritized Insights and Playbooks

RAM2 features prioritized cyber risk insights based on cross-site research, along with clear, feasible and actionable mitigation playbooks based on OTORIO’s proprietary algorithms.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Assess compliance with current and emerging security standards such as NERC, CIP, NIST 800-82, CSA Z462, OSHA 3132 and IEC 62443.

Non-Intrusive Breach and Attack Simulation

RAM2 creates a digital twin of the OT network, enabling security teams to conduct effective breach and attack simulations to predict potential attack vectors.


Utilize RAM2 enhanced multi-site capabilities to ensure that security policies are monitored and enforced every organizational site.

Simplified Actionable Playbooks

RAM2 provides step-by-step remediation guidelines to help operational teams manage and mitigate threats efficiently.

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