Industrial Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Cyber threat intelligence

A glimpse into your digital future

With decades of experience in defending national mission-critical from cyber threats, OTORIO provides a precise prediction of what threats might be lurking in the future of your industrial company. It allows you to create action plans and to stay several steps ahead of the threat actors.

Increasing cyber awareness

Before you build new facilities, expand your supply chain, and acquire additional assets, our Threat Intelligence team provides the visibility and awareness that you need for your threat intelligence platform.

Your tailor-made defense strategy

By combining our threat actor research with our clients’ unique operational concerns, we deliver insights that help industries keep their “crown jewels” safe.

Real-life threat intelligence

We employ a hacker’s mindset to understand your adversaries’ patterns, putting together in-depth analysis methods to provide you with actionable, relevant, prioritized and managed threat intelligence.

Exploring your digital footprint

We investigate your digital footprint based on commercial, open-source, and dark web sources. We also deploy active threat hunting on-premises.

Contact us today to explore your digital footprint

Explore your digital footprint for leaked credentials, sensitive files, and many forms of intellectual property and stay ahead of the threat.